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Hyper-Casual games - The Latest Craze

31 Aug 18

Gaming is another one of our passions at Sussex Designs and we like to talk about this sort of thing every once in a while, which is why we will soon be launching the full website for our new service, Brand Games (but that’s a topic for another day!)

Today I want to let you know about hyper-casual games and how they can help drive your marketing and sales.

Before these things came along, the app stores only really consisted of 3 types of game, casual, midcore, and hardcore.

Casual Games - Some of the earliest popular games were known as casual games - Candy Crush being one of the more popular example. They are classed as casual because you only need to play them for a few minutes to achieve a level of enjoyment. You can forget about them, and then come back days, weeks or even months later and pick up where you left off.

Midcore and Hardcore Games - I wont go into too much detail about these game types, but generally the user will have to pay to download them, or they'll feature lots of IAP's (In-App Purchases) for unlockable features, power-ups, skins etc. Also, in-game progression is generally more time consuming.

Early 2017 saw the arrival of a new genre…. enter the hyper-casual game!

I'm sure you're thinking ‘Gary...what the heck is a hyper-casual game'? Well, if you play games on your phone and (like a lot of gamers these days) have a shortened attention span, you've probably already played HC games without even knowing. (Saying hyper casual is becoming irritating)!

HC games are free to play, with in-game adverts that can usually be removed for a small fee. They have some sort of puzzling element, are simple to play but difficult to master and have a very shallow learning curve, meaning you will get better at them without even noticing! And even if you start to get annoyed you'll want to carry on because you know you are so close to getting to that next level! This, along with their minimal designs and ambient music, help to make this genre of game addictive and very popular. I reckon most people these days think that their partner has bowel trouble, but the truth is, (and I can get away with saying this now) the truth is they're just addicted to playing hyper-casual games!.. Plus it's a good excuse for some peace and quiet!

I've been building games for years now, and for me as a developer they are really fun to make! Simple graphics and gameplay are the norm these days - mainly due to the fact that nearly all players will be using their smartphone - meaning I can spend more time making the game feel fun, rather than figuring out complex game mechanics. And, because they're free more people (hopefully) will download them!

The popularity of HC games has become even more apparent recently as some of the big guns in the gaming industry, Ubisoft and Zynga for example, have started buying up small HC games studios. I can definitely see the popularity continue to rise for a fair few years to come. The gaming generation is getting older, and there are probably a hell of a lot more ‘grown ups’ playing games these days than there were 20 years ago… and these people want to switch off for 5 mins, dammit! In my opinion HC games are defiantly here to stay! (That's not a misspelling)!

So now you know what those super fun and addictive games you have been playing are called, I'm guessing you want to find out more about how hyper-casual games can help your business, or at the very least you'd like 5 minutes peace?... Well you’re in luck, as I have been working on a few different ideas over the last year or so. PixelPanic Arcade is already on Google Play, but I also have 3 more addictive games on the way. So keep you eyes peeled for future games from Bronze Beard Games, as well as updates on the new service we're offering over at!

Have a nice day!

Gary - Sussex Designs, BrandGames and Bronze Beard Games Senior Developer

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