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25 Sep 18

Hi everyone!

I thought I would start sharing some information about one of our side projects at Sussex Designs…We also like clients to know a bit more about us as humans and hopefully this sort of thing will help!

In the (small amount of) spare time I have, I like to design and build games under the Alias Bronze Beard Games, this love of gaming also spawned the idea for one of our marketing packages Brand Games, official launch coming soon! ;D

I have quite a few games in development, one available on google play (Pixel PANIC: Arcade) and 3 ‘hyper-casual’ games almost ready to be deployed. I will talk a bit about hyper-casual games in a future post but for now I will just be giving some updates on the 3 games in development.

I have gone for a minimal graphic style to keep everything as simple as possible. I want all 3 games to have the same look but with different game play. First we have ‘Infinite Grappler’, just swing for as long as you can! Grapple onto nearby anchor points and use momentum to swing to the next as each anchor slowly falls. This has a global leaderboard so you can see how well you are doing in comparison to other players around the world!

Casual Wall Jumper is the second game, another ‘infinite game’. With infinite games, the difficulty has to be the same from start to finish, otherwise it will get very boring if you have to repeat the same easy beginning over and over again. This again has a global leaderboard and involves jumping backwards and forwards between the 2 walls while dodging oncoming obstacles. This game will required a bit of practice!

The third game is called ‘Casual Escape’. You have to guide a character to the exit, the character jumps automatically and the player controls the left and right movement. No random level creation here, I have built each level individually! As well as a varied array of obstacle mechanics the levels gradually get more difficult as you progress. It will hopefully have 50 levels at game launch and some nice ambient music to keep you calm!

The image from this post shows another title, colour smash, I decided to chuck in a 4th game for good measure... but I will talk about this one in a future post!

All of these games are available to be tested by clicking on the links, so feel free to leave any helpful comments! Hopefully you won’t get too frustrated!

Gary - Sussex Designs, BrandGames and Bronze Beard Games Senior Developer
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