GDPR-Ready Privacy & Cookie Policy Package

Everything you need in a neat little package...

Cookie Popup

Triggered the first time someone visits your site. EU GDPR policy states that it's best practice to have the popup reappear after a set period of time. So that's what we've done! As standard we'll set the popup to reappear 2 weeks after being dismissed, but if you feel you would like it more or less frequent we can change it for you. Just let us know. The popup will be styled to match your website theme and can even include a custom message if you'd prefer. 

Privacy / Cookie Policy Page Link

We'll add a page link in your website footer, so that your policy page can be accessed from anywhere on your site.

Privacy / Cookie Policy

When clicked, your new footer link will take users to your Privacy / Cookie Policy page. We'll populate the page with a policy that applies to the coding and data capture methods used on your specific website*. The policy will need to include information on how your users can contact you regarding your own GDPR practices, so if we don't already have the necessary details on file we'll need them from you to include.

(Optional) Contact Form Tick Box

If you'd like to use the information collected via your contact form(s) for marketing purposes, you really need to include an opt-in tick box. By default the box will be unticked and users will have to click it to opt-in to being contacted for marketing purposes. This decision will be shown in the email you receive when someone submits your form as well as within the 'Leads' section that we recently added to the system for eSuite customers. 
*GDPR is a very new and very grey set of rules at present. The changes we make to your website will follow current best practices, although it may be a good idea to schedule a review of your GDPR practices and policies at a future point to ensure you stay up to date with compliancy changes. We're not responsible for how you use visitor information collected via your website